Saturday 22 February 2014

Villager Changes

A number of minor changes are being made to the Fylde and Wyre Village network firstly on Sunday 23 February route 75 will readopt part of its pre December route between Singleton and Poulton via Fairfield Road and Hardhorn Road - this reinstates service lost in this area when CBNW ceased its short lived service 80 - though does not serve Holts Lane.

On the same date Stagecoach route 86 (Fleetwood to Knott End) will also be re-routed between Four Lane Ends, Thornton and Mains Lane to run via Fleetwood Road South and Amounderness Way rather than via Little Thornton. This is due to expected delays on Mains Lane due to long term utility works.

Finally Archway will revise and reduced their commercial service 80 from 31 March diverting the service to start at Fleetwood rather than Blackpool with just three journeys each way at 0700, 1130 and 1530 from Fleetwood and 0930, 1330 and 1730 from Preston. Not previously noted is that the Archway 80 differs from the CBNW route as it serves St Walburgas Road and Blackpool Old Road from Victoria Hospital to Poulton rather than Newton Drive/Hardhorn Road and then via Holts Lane and Garstang Road to Catlows Corner rather than Breck Road/Mains Lane.

LCC has also announced that the proposed withdrawal of funding for evening and Sunday services has been shelved in favour of a structured review of each tendered service.

Meanwhile Blackpool Transport 314 has returned to use in full fleet livery with new logo having lost its Sealife Centre advert. Excels 214/5 are back in use with 212 remaining in store.