Thursday 3 April 2014

Route 20 [corrected]

Route 20 resumes on Good Friday 18 April operating on a reduced route and frequency. After last year's extension to Pleasure Beach the service has reverted to the Corporation to Zoo route with a 45 minute interval using two buses but with a gap mid afternoon.

Buses from Marton Mere  every 45 minutes from 0930 to 1445 and 1615 to 1915
Buses from Corporation Street every 45 minutes from 1015 to 1400 and 1530 to 1915.

It is presumed double deckers will be used as the Resort Pass Solos were barely used on the route during 2013. A minor route change sees buses operate via Beech Avenue and Newton Drive, rather than North Park Drive which will at least remove the challenging turn onto East Park Drive near the Hospital.

Days of operation are:
Every weekend 18 April to 9 November.
Daily 18 April-27 April; 24 May until 1 June, 19 July-31 August, 25 October to 2 November.