Wednesday 28 May 2014

Routemaster returns to the Promenade

521 at Gynn Square. Thanks to Alan Robson for the photo  - see his Blackpool tram blog for more.

Former Blackpool Routemaster 521 (583CLT) has entered service with Oakwood Travel operating a private hire at the weekend followed by spending Tuesday on service 12. While with Blackpool Transport 521 was no stranger to their former Promenade service 40. Owned by Lancastrian Transport Trust since 2003, 521 has been under a protracted overhaul since 2010. Now in competition with its former owner it has lost its Blackpool Transport fleet names.

Of the other Routemasters, 523-6 are with Tower Transit for Heritage route 9 in London, though this operation is under threat. 531/3 are with Stagecoach London for the 15. 522 is preserved in London refurbished condition, with 528- 530 and 534 in other heritage hire fleets. 527 was exported to Poland several years ago.