Tuesday 15 July 2014

News Update

Blackpool Transport Trident 311 is the latest to visit the paint shop and is receiving a side and rear advert for the new Sainsbury's Supermarket on Talbot Road.

The surviving former City Sightseeing Olympian 857 (D257FYM) has been treated to a repaint in green and cream in the late 1980s style as recently applied to preserved Atlantean 362.

Compensating for the withdrawal of staff bus services 34, 34A, 34B and 34C, Blackpool Transport has recently introduced extra early morning journeys on main network services from 23 June:

  • 9 0546 Cleveleys to Town Centre
  • 11 0615 Grange Park to St. Annes
  • 11 0610 St. Annes Square to Grange Park
  • 14 0555 Mereside to Town Centre as extension of 0626 to Fleetwood
  • 17 0550 St. Annes to Blackpool

From 27 June Lytham Road bridge reopened and services 5, 10, 11 and 68 reverted to using it. The 68 had been refined from 9 June. The terminus and layover point moved from Adelaide Street to Market Street but the route remains unchanged running via Promenade, Adelaide Street, Bank Hey Street, Central Drive and Chapel Street to the Promenade.

Oakwood Travel has repaired Dart 512 (X512UAT) and this is back in service in place of sister 533 (X533UAT). Recently purchased X617JCS has also been repainted but is not yet in use. Sister R356LER entered service on 4 June. Olympian 701 XAU701Y has been out of use with gearbox problems for some time.

Preserved Blackpool PD3 501 has passed its MOT test, while sister 512 was taken to. Fleetwood on 22 June for photographs alongside Pantograph tram 167. Atlantean 362 has moved to Preston Bus for pre MOT work after repaint at Blackpool Transport.

It seems locally preserved Delta 101 and Metrorider 510 have been sold for scrap. Delta survivors appear to be down to four 128-130 and 133. Sister 109 has been delicensed by Kanes Foods in Evesham and is presumed scrapped.