Saturday 14 March 2015

New Look 20

Saturday 28th March sees the introduction of a revised service 20 for the season. Buses will now start at North Station and run via Grosvenor Street, Church Street, Whitegate Drive, Mere Road, Stanley Park, West Park Drive, East Park Drive, Model Village and Woodside Drive to the Zoo. A half hourly service will run from North Station 0930-1800 and back from Zoo at 0930 to 1830.

Early and late buses will extend to Marton Mere via Woodside Drive, East Park Drive, South Park Drive, Preston New Road, Mythop Road. The 0930 to 1100 and 1600 to 1830 trips from the Zoo start at Marton Mere, while the departures from North Station up to 1030 and from 1530 terminate at Marton Mere.

Two buses are needed all day with a third when the Marton Mere extension operates. The change removes the route round the Cricket Club and via Newton Drive/North Park Drive and reinstates buses on West Park Drive - the traditional Zoo route. It also removed the long established link to Stanley Park from Hornby Road which dates back to 1924!

The route will run Saturdays and Sundays only, except in school holidays when it will be daily.