Thursday, 24 March 2016

Farewell to the 87

Elite Minibus Services Solo SR YJ64DSE loads at Poulton Teanlowe with BTS service 12 behind. Both finish at the start of April (Alan Hayward)

At the other end of the route, YJ64DSE heads up Victoria Road West in Cleveleys (Alan Hayward)
The 87 started on 5 January 2003 as an hourly service from Cleveleys to Stanah and Little Thornton replacing Stagecoach F5 with a 2 hourly extension from Cleveleys to Rossall Hospital. Initially run by ACE Travel, Hampsons soon took over. In November 2004 the route was extended to Poulton via Carleton housing estates replacing BTS service 2A. It was reduce to every 75 minutes. Elite of Carleton replaced Hampsons in April 2005 and has run the service ever since. Minor route changes took place with a period of operation via Carelton Crossing and from March 2014 an extension to Holts Lane in Poulton. The service now ran every 90 minutes. Elite used a Mercedes minibus until its first Solo, MX08DHE arrived in 2008 for a five year period- it is seen here in Cleveleys Bus Station. MX07JNF also operated for a while (Brian Turner)