Sunday, 15 May 2016

Catch 22 changes

Catch 22 bus changes in services from tomorrow, 16 May. On the downsize, service 22 loses its Mereside to Blackpool section as resources are transfered to enhance the recently launched Wyre services. This includes an hourly extension of the Sunday 22 to Fleetwood and some earlier morning journeys.

A new service 23 is launched between Cleveleys and Pheasants Wood every 40 minutes Monday to Friday (0920-1720 except 1240) and hourly on Saturdays (0920, 1000 to 1700) when it interworks with the 24.

Route 24 is retimed with an extension on Monday to Friday to Hardhorn running from Poulton Booths via Hardhorn Road, Highcross Road, Longhouse Lane, Hardhorn Road, Beach Drive, Carr Head Road, Lower Green, Station Road, Vicarage Lane and Ball Street to Poulton Church. This starts with the 0920 from Cleveleys. 3 buses are required. The Saturday and Sunday services are unchanged, but on Saturdays they interwork with new service 23.

The all-over turquoise livery applied to Darts 366 and 369 has also now been applied to short dart 657 - and is believed to be the new standard. Dart 363 has also entered service with an all-over advert for Freeport. 

Three more single deckers have been acquired recently - this time from First , W812/3PFB are ex Bristol Volvo B6BLE/Wrights and X475SCY ex Devon and Cornwall is an Alexander bodied Dart.