Monday, 11 July 2016

From Zoo Bus to Coastliner

Back in service after roof damage repairs, 529 lays over on meal break on Victoria Road, Cleveleys (Paul Turner)
Monday 18 July sees a significant change to Catch 22 Bus service 21 which will no longer serve the Zoo. Introduced in 2015 as a Tower-Zoo service using the traditional number 21 this morphed into a two legged Cleveleys-Pleasure Beach and Cleveleys to Zoo service for 2016 season, replacing Seafront 12 which had operated since 2012.

The traditional 21 alignment is dropped in favour of a refocus back to the Promenade, with the newly branded 'Coastliner 21' runnig every 20 minutes Cleveleys to St. Annes Monday to Saturday and Cabin to St. Annes on Sundays. As present there is a reduced service earlier afternoon for crew breaks.

Regular classic bus operation is to continue on some workings. The vintage fleet has recently been boosted by the return of two former Blackpool classics. PD3 529 has returned to use after repairs to a smashed dome sustained on a private hire and Routemaster 521 has also returned to use after an engine transplant undertaken at Lathalmond, near Dunfermerline. Happily another AEC unit has been used, rather than the modern Cummins option. 
Atlantean 334 starting its driver meal break at Victoria Square (Paul Turner)
Coastliner branding is not new on the Promenade service - in 1990 Fylde used this distinctive scheme for the first year of its Promenade Service 1 - this later became 'Roller Coaster Route 1' and is the direct ancestor of the current year round BTS service 1.  This is ex Hull 134 in the depot yard (Brian Turner)