Saturday 11 July 2020

News Round Up

Brand new Enviro 200 turns into Clifton Drive on service 1. (Paul Wigan)

Blackpool Transport
A service change from 12th July sees some frequency improvements as lockdown measures have been eased. The network will be:

1 - Starr Gate to Fleetwood reduced to every 30 minutes daytimes and hourly evenings. For w/c 12th July a 15 minute service will run to Cleveleys pending the reopening of the tramway on 19th July. Currently 20 minute service with 30 minute frequency of short workings to Cleveleys. 

2 runs hourly as present but additional buses added to make 30 minute frequency at peak times. Hourly evening service reinstated

2C returns to normal 30 minute frequency with evening service reinstated

3 and 4 still running reduced 30 minute frequency

5, 6 and 9 still running reduced 20 minute frequency

7 increases to every 20 minutes from 30, but no longer serves Clifton Hospital. Southbound journeys turn into Highbury Road, St David's Road North, The Crescent into St. Annes Square. Northbound buses use Clifton Drive North as normal.

11 increases to every 20 minutes from 30 (and 60 to 30 in the evening)

14 long diversion via Poulton continues despite end of Norcross roundabout work. Increases to 15 minutes (update: From 19th July reverted to normal route Norcross to Castle Gardens)

17 increased from hourly to half hourly with later journeys

18 hours of operation extended

19 replaced by 20

New 20 from Queens Street via Church St, Devonshire Square then regular summer 20 route via Stanley Park and Model Village to Zoo (serves main entrance during opening hours) then Victoria Hospital and Staining. Hourly daily.

This suggest a 66 PVR, plus 7 on the new 74/75 tender.

New Enviro 400s 456 to 459 are now in use, with 459 the first out on Monday 6th. Some new single deckers have emerged with 582 and 583 debuting on service 1 on Thursday 9th. The Centros and Citaros remain out of use presently.
Enviro 456 heads north to Fleetwood on the 1 (Paul Wigan)

Further Tridents have been sold by Archway. 327-330 moved on in June, 327 photographed on the M6 in Warwickshire. 

Coastliner Buses
Beach Bus Service 26 resumed on 7th July. Recently acquired Enviro 400 LK57AXY is regularly used. 
From 14th July service 21 returns to normal 30 minute frequency running Tuesday to Thursday and Saturdays.

Optare Versa YJ10MGU is under preparation for a return to use after about two years out of use following engine failure.