Saturday, 29 May 2021

News Round Up

It has been a quiet few months in Blackpool. The 'survivors' page has been updated. The original batch of Solos has shrunk further. 267 is now out of use with Blackpool Council, 269, 271, 272 and 273 are on SORN. 276 remains in preservation with Matt Lodge and has recently moved storage locations. Update: Matt Lodge has reported 271 has been scrapped and Blackpool Council sold 267 in August 2019.

The Lifestyle Line examples are also now eradicated from service, with 282 last used with Huw's Caernarfon in 2020. Many of the others still operate. The six which went to Newbury & District and ended up with Reading Buses after a takeover have moved on in pairs. 251 and 260 went to Hunt's of Alford, 252 and 256 to Hulleys of Baslow and 254/8 to Chartwell Bus & Coach Sales. Sadly 256 was destroyed by fire at Hulleys a few days ago. 252 is a spares donor - they also have ex Blackpool 243 and 287.

Tanat Valley have finished with their Tridents - 343 has not been traced while 344/6 are at British Ironworks, Oswestry for site tours.

Blackpool Transport still have Tridents 314/5 in store at Rigby Road - with trainers 973/4 also on SORN. Sister 975 has not been traced since disposal to Archway -  it no longer appears under its registration on the DVLA site so may well have been re-registered.

More E400s have rear end adverts with both 408 and 458 advertising Blackpool Better Start and Citaro 553 has an advert for Wyre council.