Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Solos Retire

Solo 262 on the now discontinued section of Line 2 in front of Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Solos 261 and 262 have been withdrawn - the first of the type to go following the reduced requirement from the service changes at the end of January. They were the first two Solos to arrive - on 8 November 1999. They - along with 263 - were quickly licensed and spent November and December in use as type training vehicles. 261 was one of four to operate on the first day of Solo operation - 4 January 2000 when four entered service on route 33. 262 entered service the following day.

261 was the first Metro liveried Solo, repainted in March 2002 into Line 3 livery with 262 following soon after. Both later received black/yellow pool livery in April and May 2008 respectively when new Solos replaced them on Line 3. 

In other news service 20 has now been registered for the summer season, starting at Easter and operating between Marton Mere, Zoo and Blackpool Town Centre only. This reflects the introduction of a revised school holiday only City Sightseeing service from Blackpool to St. Annes.