Friday, 11 March 2011

Spotlight on the Streetlite

Wright Streetlite demonstrator MX60GXB heads along Midgeland Road on service 10 on 11 March.
The Wrightbus Streetlite demonstrator has arrived in Blackpool as part of its nationwide tour of potential customers. This is a newly launched model that has already captured several orders. There are two varieties, ' door forward' with the door ahead of the front wheels and 'wheel forward' -like the demonstrator - having the door behind the front wheels Solo style. The demonstrator is a 33 seat example with the standard Cummins engine.

Of the indigenous Optare Solos 255 has recently entered the paint shop for a repaint into the new livery having been off the road following an accident.

The 10 now operates along Central Drive and the Streelite is seen here at the Gymnasium (14 March)

The demonstrator laying over at School Road (14 March)

The modern bus contrasts with a more primitive form of transport on School Lane (14 Mar)