Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all readers and its time to thank those who have made contributions through the year, particularly my father Brian Turner for the supply of current and archive photos. If you have news or photos of interest, please drop me a line by email.

Over the last few days a Facebook page has been set up to allow those who wish to follow updates through Facebook to do so (providing I remember the notifications!) I have also modified the site settings and turned on a mobile version which should improve the blog's viewability on smartphones.

Today's news is that the second Manx Trident is nearing completion with what is believed to be former 50 (and BTS 344) outshopped in base fleet livery at Bus and Coach World with sisters 48 and 51 alongside awaiting a workshop slot. Solo 297 brought 2011 to an end as the final bus to return to depot off the 2C, Trident 318 was the final big bus.