Saturday, 10 December 2011

More Tridents and Christmas services

Two Isle of Man Tridents have been noted at Bus and Coach World in Blackburn, one confirmed as 51 (EMN51Y) and the other is believed to be 48 (EMN48Y).

Blackpool Transport Boxing Day and New Year's Day timetables are now out and appear similar to last year save for the operation of service 1 through from Starr Gate to Cleveleys rather than last year's split operation. The services comprise:

1 Starr Gate to Cleveleys every 30 minutes (4 buses)
5 Hospital to Halfway House, hourly (2 buses)
7 Cleveleys to Lytham hourly (2 buses)
9 Blackpool to Cleveleys every 30 minutes (3 buses)
11 St. Annes to Grange Park every 60 minutes (2 buses)
14 Mereside to Fleetwood every 30 minutes (5 buses)