Saturday, 7 October 2017

New Enviros Arrive

The first three of the new batch of 20 Enviro 400 Cities has arrived with 436 to 438 now in stock. 436 is confirmed as SN67WZA. SN67WZB/C/D are also registered and it seems likely these will be 437 to 439.

On the debit side, stored Solo 252 left today to Tappins Coaches, Didcot, joining sisters 258 and 260. Much earlier disposal, 271, has surfaced with Colchri Coaches, Paisley, after disposal by Halton Transport - flickr photo.

Elsewhere Catch 22 has reinstated Versa YJ61JHE, while Dart W365VHB has been withdrawn. Several of recent the Y---GAX ex Cardiff Darts have had 'Coastliner 21' stickers applied to their orange livery. This hasn't stopped regular appearances on the 24, mind you the 24 branded Versa has also been seen on the 21!