Saturday, 14 October 2017

Rail Replacements

The rail replacement timetables have now been published starting on Saturday 11th November and lasting until 28 January - this is when the Blackpool South line reopens and a revised bus replacement service will be provided from Blackpool North.

Blackpool North to Preston Fast
This non stop serve runs every 15 minutes from 0630 until 2345 from Blackpool (0715 to 2345 Sundays), returning from Preston 0630 until 2345 then 2359 (0930 to 2345 Sundays). Journey time is scheduled for 50 minutes, regardless of the time of day and depending on layover at least eight buses are needed.

Blackpool North to Preston via Layton, Poulton-le-Fylde and Kirkham & Wesham
Also every 15 minutes. Monday to Friday Early morning trips call at Poulton only leaving Blackpool at 0430, 0457, 0530. Full Monday to Saturday service starts 0630 and runs until 2345 then 2359. Sundays runs 0715 to 2345, then 2359.
From Preston starts 0630 and every 15 minutes to 0845, then 0915 and every 15 minutes until 2345 then 2359. Sundays runs 0945 to 2345. A 65 minute round trip means at least 10 buses.

Poulton to Preston Fast
On Monday to Friday, extra peak buses run from Poulton at 0630 and every 30 minutes until 0930 and from Preston between 1600 and 1900 with a 40 minute journey time. This should need 3 buses. 

The above services are largely operated by Blackpool Transport. Further info - it is understood BTS will provide most if not all of the stopping services from the 0630 trips and around 1/2 of the Blackpool North to Preston fasts. Tyrers and Hallmark (part of Rotala) are also understood to be involved in the service provision.

Blackpool South will be served by two patterns - an hourly all stations service and peak fasts calling at Preston, Lytham, St. Annes and Blackpool South only:

  • from Preston 0550, 0650, 0745 +60 to 2145, 2250 plus Mon to Friday extra fasts at 1544 1644, 1744 and 1844
  • from South at 0438, 0538, 0628 +60 to 1928, 2014, 2114, 2228, 2328 and Mon-Fri fasts 0550, 0650, 0750 and 0850
  • There is no Sunday service

It is not clear if BTS will provide these too. 4 buses would be needed for the stopping service and 2 more for the expresses.

Some overnight services operate - with some running through from Manchester. Again its not yet clear who will provide these.