Sunday, 5 November 2017

Farewell to the Southern Circular

Yesterday marked the end of the Southern Circulars 15/16. Their replacements, 18 and 19 leave the section of route between Mythop Road and Staining unserved, so here are a few 'last week' photos. Ex Bus Vannin DAF 361 swings round ready to take the sharp left turn from Mythop Road into Chain Lane on 4th November while working a 16 (Brian Turner)

Marton Mere will be devoid of  buses this winter as service 20 also finishes today. Yesterday DAF 363 waits time on a 15 (Brian Turner)

And sister 364 calls in on a 16 (Brian Turner) 

The Circulars used a range of buses. DDs were common in the summer, Solos in the winter and the Volvo B7RLEs often appeared too. Here is 245 on 2nd November on Chain Lane (Brian Turner)

There were a number of spots where the circulars ran in the same direction - other than the Town Centre, Mereside Tesco, Victoria Hospital and Blackpool Zoo feature one way workings as does Marton Mere here. New to Blackpool Trident 331 on a 16, leads ex Manx Trident 353 out of the park on 2nd November (Brian Turner)

Ambling through the countryside, Trident 327 on Chain Lane, service 16 2nd November (Brian Turner)

A candidate for imminent withdrawal, ex IOM 350 turns form Chain Lane onto Mythop Road on the 15 on 2 November (Brian Turner)

Sister 353 approaches the same junction on 30 October (Brian Turner)