Thursday, 9 November 2017


Ex Bus Vannin Trident 353 approaches Victoria Hospital on new service 19 on Wednesday 8th November
With the new service pattern now in place a few observations have been made of new allocations. Many thanks to David Smith for sharing some of this information. The 1 bus operation of service 19 started with a Solo on Sunday, with double deckers since, including Trident 353 on Wednesday. 

The Enviro 400s have continued on services 9, 11 and 14 and still share the 6 with Centros - Wednesday saw 5 DDs and 3 Centros. New route 18 had a mixed allocation on Wednesday of Solos 243 and 245 and Volvo B7RLE 520 and 524. Service 17 had B7RLE/Wright 521/523 and two Centros. Centros 532/3 were noted alongside Citaros on service 5.

Former Blackpool Olympian 375 has now been completed by Blackpool Design Coachworks for Delves Infant and Nursey School, Walsall as a library.