Friday, 6 December 2019


Several surplus vehicles have been sold recently. Solo 287 has gone to Southern Coachlines possibly for spare parts. Sister 288 and 290 have passed to a local dealer, with 290 passing onto Archway, Fleetwood for spares. Trident 302 has gone to Parton's for scrap. Trident 319 is out of service with accident damage, joining Volvo 532 which has been out of use since an accident in the spring.

409 and 410 now have full rears for Bryan House hospice, 410 previously advertising Sarsons. Enviro 200s 218 and 571 were recently decorated with poppies for the Remembrance Day commemoration. Sister 564 is now wrapped as a Christmas bus.

Alexander Dennis/BYD Enviro200EV LJ68CYO has been on loan to Blackpool Transport for evaluation as the company considers options for future electric buses. It has not been used in service.