Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Surprise E400 disposal

Heritage green and cream Trident 332 and pioneer Enviro 400 number 401 are posed in Rigby Road yard before departure to new owners (Mark Penney)
Proving the odd surprise is still possible, Environs 401 and 402 have been withdrawn, with 401 leaving for Warrington's Own Buses yesterday and 402 expected to follow. BTS has been working towards a 5 year maximum fleet age but these disposals at less than four years old was unexpected. According to bustimes.org they last ran on 18th and 12th Dec resp.

Trident disposals have resumed, also unexpectedly picking up with the newest. 331 and 332 left on Friday for Lodge of High Easter in Essex. Sisters 328/330 are expected to follow. Both 331/2 last ran on 11th Dec.