Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More DAFs

Four of the final five Manx DAFs have arrived at Blackburn with 89 and 98 noted on 21st with 90 and 92 there by 26th June. Pictures are on flickr. 354-6 are all now complete but have yet to reach Blackpool.

Manx DAF Status
NoRegIOM NoIOM RegChassis NoBody NoStatus
354tbc97FMN835J00926738310Arr Blackburn Mar 2012 Finished May 2012 
tbc tbc93FMN621J00926138304Arr Blackburn Apr 2012 Finished May 2012
tbctbc95FMN622J 00926638309Arr Blackburn Apr 2012 Finished May 2012
tbctbc94FMN620J00926438307Arr Blackburn 8 May 2012
tbctbc96FMN623J00926238305Arr Blackburn 8 May 2012
tbctbc 89FMN299J00925938302At Blackburn by late June 2012
tbctbc90FMN503J00926038303At Blackburn by late June 2012
tbctbc92FMN619J00926338306At Blackburn by late June 2012
tbctbc98FMN836J00926538308At Blackburn by late June 2012