Saturday, 2 June 2012

Vintage Olympians get Golf Wraps

Next months open golf championship will see ten Olympians wrapped in sponsorship liveries for use on special services. 365, 403 and 410 are currently being prepared with 405 413 415 416 and 417 next in line with two of the East Lancs examples to make ten. Of these 365 and 416 will be reinstated, the other six forming the remaining active orange and yellow liveried buses which are expected to be stored when the second hand DAFs enter service.

Two special services will be in operation with a half hourly service G01 from Blackpool North to the Golf Course in St. Annes with a flat fare of £5.00 return while a feeder G02 will run from Starr Gate tram terminus to the course operating up to every 10 minutes. These will run 0700 to 2000 from Sunday 15 to 22 July and will need up to seven buses. Weekday duties coincide with school dates, hence the requirement for extra buses.

7 June: The terminus point for these services is St. Thomas Church, around a ten minute walk from the course entrance, rather than the previously used terminus on St. Thomas Road close to St Patricks Road South. The G01 will now serve Royal Oak (via Lytham Road) and Pleasure Beach rather than St. Annes Road and Squires Gate Lane.