Monday, 11 June 2012

Veteran Olympians down to two

Just two of the surviving ECW bodied Leyland Olympians are now available for service - 405 and 417. 365 (Roe bodied) and 403 have now been wrapped for Golf Contracts with 410, 413 and 415 in progress and 416 awaiting treatment. Of these 365 and 416 were already in store, but 403, 410, 413 and 415 were taken out of use at the end of term and are not expected to see use until the golf championship. 405 and 417's days are likely to be numbered as they too are scheduled for wraps.

Also still in stock are withdrawn 402, 407, 408, 412 and 414 which are all likely to go for scrap with 412 and 414 likely to be the first to go.

In addition to the two special golf services, three official Park and Ride services have been confirmed, though it is not confirmed who will operate these. The routes are:

Blackpool Road/Ramsgate Road. From Blackpool Road Playing Field to St. Thomas Road via Leach Lane, Headroomgate Road, Claredon Road, Ramsgate Road, Crossland Road North, Folkestone Road, Headroomgate Road, Church Road, St. Thomas Road and back via St. Patricks Road South, St. Annes Road East, Headroomgate Road and reverse to Blackpool Road.

North Houses Lane (Jubilee Way) via Heyhouses Lane, Smithy Lane, Church Road to Haymarket

Promenade via Links Road, St.Thomas Road to St Andrews Road South and back via Queens Road, Clifton Drive South, King Edward Avenue and Promenade

Maps are available here: