Friday, 8 June 2012

Saved for a Rainy Day

On a wet 7th June, RML2290 brightens the gloom on a 12 working to Cabin.

Meanwhile Excel 218 heads to Lytham on service 11.

The rain doesn't enhance the ambiance of Corporation Street as 243 heads on another run to Knott End

Sands Venue is the backdrop for Solo 296 as it passes Volvo P269PSX (and its reflection).
Today the Sun put in an appearance allowing Classic Bus Bristol VR DCA528X to make its debut on Seafront 12. The bus - new to Crosville and last used by Classic Southdown Omnibuses in Bournemouth in 2008 has recently received this NBC open top style livery.
In other news, the three complete Blackpool Transport DAFs (354-6) are parked together at Bus and Coach World and were joined for a few days by Blackpool Trident 318. This has now returned and is in use today on the 2/2C having been fitted with an LED destination display. A number of similarly equipped buses have been observed with scrolling 'via' points enabled on their destinations.